Virgin Sacrifice Would Decrease Volcanic Activity Experts Say

Sacrifice refuses to throw himself into the crater HEREDIA — Eruptions from the Turrialba Volcano continued Thursday afternoon, spewing even more ash into the air. The explosion is the most recent in the increasingly violent activity from the volcano. Scientists are concerned that if preventative measures are not taken soon, the entire central valley will become covered…


Mae of the Week: May 5

Our MOTW is Alejandr@ Mora. Alejandr@ is 24-years old and lives in Tibas. She’s self-employed, and says that she likes to ‘cuidar a sus clientes’. Her hobbies include shopping, evening strolls around Barrio Amón, and gender-corrective surgeries. Her favorite food is huevos.


Costa Rica World’s Top Destination for Slimy Gringos, Study Shows

San Jose’s “Gringo Gulch” and Jacó rated as world’s best spots to be an anonymous expat sleaze ball with no repercussions SAN JOSE – Traffic slowed to a halt in downtown San José today as drunk and slovenly dressed gringos took to the street to celebrate Costa Rica’s designation by think-tank Transient International as the world’s…

Saint Navas2

Keylor Navas Replaces La Negrita as Costa Rica’s Patron Saint

Costa Rica Archdiocese gives Navas “Express Canonization” following miracle save against Lionel Messi CARTAGO – Costa Rica’s Archdiocese announced yesterday that star goalkeeper Keylor Navas would replace La Negrita as the country’s patron saint given his continued performance of incomprehensible miracles. Navas, the Real Madrid keeper rumored to possess divine powers since the 2014 World…

Cutting open the cashew fruit

Mae of the Week: March 14

This week’s mae is Roberth Flores Ortiz. Roberth hails from Turrúcares where he and 9 of his children make a living stacking cashews in skinny plastic tubes and selling them to motorists stuck in traffic along Route 27. Roberth’s hobbies include singing rancheros, folding his shirt up and rubbing his belly, and producing illegitimate offspring.…